DIY Lunch Bag Freezer Packs

DIY Lunch Bag Freezer Packs

These do-it-yourself freezer packs are easy and inexpensive to make. They are perfect for an everyday lunch bag, keeping your food fresh and cool!


Packing a homemade lunches can be difficult because there are so many options to consider. What foods are you going to pack, how big of a lunch bag do you need, and most importantly how are you going to keep things fresh and cool.

I’ve been packing my daily lunches for a long time now and finding ways to keep things fresh and cool has been challenging. I’ve gone through several blue-ice packs in my days. They have either gotten lost, started leaking the nasty blue juice all over my food, or they simply take up too much space inside my lunch bags. The blue-ice packs aren’t cheap, so I began making my own reusable ice packs at home. Best of all, I only had to purchase two inexpensive items for my little DIY project.


What you need

  • 1 cheap package of sponges
  • 1 cheap package of ziplock sandwich bags
  • water

That’s it my friends.

Step One


Put two sponges inside a single bag


Step Two


Add just enough water to the bag so that both sponges soak it all up.

Step Three


Seal the bag and try to keep as much air out as possible.

Step Four


Place a second bag over the first bag. Make sure the ziplock ends are opposite one another.


Step Five


Your all done! Freeze them up for your next lunch packing.


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